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Des-Case desiccant breathers are the most robust and reliable breathers on the market. To prove how robust these breathers are, don’t take our word for it, take a look at the short video below...


Fluid Filtration

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Disposable BreathersDes-Case specialises in contamination control products for industrial lubricants. Des-Case offers a number of desiccant breather lines to meet the needs of varying applications, size constraints, transport, storage and operating environments. Des-Case breathers are air filter and water vapour removal systems designed to replace traditional breather caps on fluid containing reservoirs, storage tanks and gearboxes. The breathers block out moisture and other contaminants in these systems, thereby improving performance.

The standard breather includes a resilient, nylon/polycarbonate body, multiple filter elements, and a unique standpipe that protects against many of the failures found in other designs. We also provide rugged steel breathers for harsh environments, leveraging the core technology included in the standard line. Additional enhancements are found in the Des-Case Hydroguard™ products, ideal for low flow applications as well as in “washdown” and high humidity environments.

Additionally, we also offer a range of Des-Case off line filtration units, unique in their ability to be customized at an affordable price. In particular, Des-Case’s FlowGuard™ Drum Topper continues to receive notice for its compact size and easy portability.

Where Use Des-Case Desiccant Breathers?

Des-Case Breathers are used on oil reservoirs, where the system breathes due to change in temperature or oil levels. Applications include:

• Hydraulic systems    • Gearboxes    • Lubricating systems    • Oil filled Transformers

Filter Cart

Building the case for Contamination Control

Maintaining clean oil is one of the best investments a company can make, yet contamination often remains an overlooked factor behind premature machinery failure and diminished lubricant life. With increases in the cost of oil, increased desire to minimize usage and waste, and the need to prolong the life of equipment, the economic case for protection – from the time oil enters a facility until it leaves – is stronger than ever.

The good news is that Sprint along with our partners at Des-Case can:-

  • Help you identify the presence of contaminants in your oil and also your lubrication systems
  • Devise simple proactive steps that can help conquer contamination
  • Set the right targets – based on pressure and equipment type
  • Help you with your filtration options
  • Monitor and track your progress via regular oil analysis
  • Reduce the ‘Total Cost of Ownership’
  • Increase plant ‘Up Time’ and productivity and therefore increase your profits

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Kleentek ELC (Electrostatic Liquid Cleaner) - In certain applications, i.e. Steam and Gas Turbines, mechanical filtration is limited by the mesh pore size. Kleentek employs a unique electrostatic system to collect all types and sizes of contaminants. This provides increased machine reliability and unrivalled levels of fluid cleanliness.

Sprint have worked alongside our partners a Kleentek for many years and we have achieved numerous high profile successes by massively improving the life of turbine oils and in turn increasing plant reliability. Please talk to us if you have any concerns regarding oil contamination in your plant. We can help you achieve the reliability that you need and reduce your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Why use a Kleentek on steam and gas turbines?  SprintVend Brochure       Kleentek ELC Datasheet  SprintVend Brochure


hydacAlong with our partners at Hydac, Sprint can offer a complete range of filtration solutions for hydraulic plant and equipment. Hydac have a world renowned reputation for manufacturing high quality filters and filtration systems for hydraulic applications. As well as cylinders, accumulators, valves, dampers, power packs and pumps. As an authorised Hydac distributor, Sprint can supply the complete range of Hydac parts and services so please talk to us about becoming your competent partner for all projects requiring fluid technology in connection with hydraulics, electronics and engineering.

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