Janitorial & Wash-down ChemicalsJanitorial & Wash-down Chemicals

Sprint offer a comprehensive range of janitorial and hygiene products specifically tailored for the workplace. With our close association with Deb and Swarfega we can help devise  skin care regimes for all types of workplace and public environments, spanning industrial, commercial, healthcare and food sectors.

Dispensing Systems

Deb dispensing systems are designed to give cost effectiveness and the highest hygiene levels to their users. ?The key benefits of Deb dispensing systems include:

Reduced costs
Encourages correct skin safety practice
Dispensers guaranteed for life

Swarfega Skin Safety Centre

Deb has a range of dispensing units ranging from Deb’s ‘Skin Safety Centre’ – a sturdy wall mountable board designed to offer all that is required for a three-step skin safety programme, to individual dispensing units utilising a variety of specialist hand cleaners and protective creams. Talk to us to help you find the right dispensing system for your workforce.

From dispensing unique foam to providing the latest touch-free technology and revolutionary dispenser customisation we have the solution.