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Complete system lubricationAt Sprint Engineering & Lubricants Ltd we are committed to creating close working relationships with our customers to ensure an unparalleled level of service. Our goal is to deliver added value to every customer through customised lubrication and service solutions.

Our experienced staff can create a lubricant management program to suit your business needs and help reduce your operating costs. By establishing the exact properties required by your machinery, and taking into account the likely operating, environmental and production parameters, we work alongside the worlds leading manufacturers to provide lubricants which can reduce downtime, energy consumption and improve performance.

Our services
We provide a unique, total lubrication service including: Oil store and first tier management Fluid management and filtration Condition monitoring Energy surveys Training and consultancy Bespoke blending and packaging Our partnerships with the world’s largest brands mean that in addition to an unbeatable range of products, we offer unparalleled technical support. We also offer bespoke blending and packaging with premium quality lubricants for a diverse range of applications.Awareness Lubricant specifications are continually updated.  At Sprint Engineering & Lubricants Ltd we are aware just how important it is to keep abreast of this continually changing market. We advise on new products, best practices and the latest industry advances to help  our customers achieve greater efficiencies.

Sprint provides a tailored support and management package to all kinds of industries from precision engineers to facility management companies, from power stations to food processing factories. The effective control of fluids, added to the implementation of best-in-class products and services, will result in vastly reduced inventory and cost. Some benefits generate hard measurable savings. Others are more difficult to measure, but are equally desirable for operational efficiencies.

The Product Range
All lubricants and greases to suit every application, be it mineral, semi-synthetic or fully synthetic.  We represent the following manufacturers:


lubricantskluber lubricantscastrol lubricantssynthetic lubricantbp barrels

Lubrication Equipment

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bearing lubricationoilsafe contamination lubricationChain lubricationcontrolled greasingmultipoint bearing lubricationhydraulic pump


lubrication service

Lubrication Service

Sprint offer a complete oil analysis service for all industry and application types. Much of our analysis work involves detailed trending for turbine applications where the condition of the lubricant is critical to the reliability of the equipment. Please contact us to discuss our oil analysis services.

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