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Up to 40% more service life
SKF Xtra power belts have been designed to deliver up to 40% more power than standard wrapped belts. These belts will not only cut costs but more importantly extend the service life of your existing applications. When using the SKF Xtra power belts as a replacement for existing drives they will increase your service factors by up to 40%; more life = less cost, less down time = less cost.

Available SKF Xtra power profiles
SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC ISO wedge standard
3V, 5V, 8V RMA standard narrow wedge 

Construction details of SKF Xtra power belts
Tension members for the Xtra power belts are of polyester and specially treated providing high tension loads and low elongation. A fiber filled compound above and below the tension members allows the belts to carry higher dynamic loadings with no compromise of flexibility and full support of tension cords. The cover fabric provides excellent wear an abrasion resistance while also providing excellent bending strength.


Transmission chain solutions for applications where corrosion is an issue

Superior anti-corrosion performance when compared to traditional surface treatments.
High corrosion resistance even at high temperature –300 °C. 

Dacrotised Treated
This surface treatment offers an exceptional performing anti-rust coating on normal carbon steel chains
Coating offers a silver/white surface – made up of an inorganic acid polymer bonding metallic zinc and aluminium flake particles – to steel surfaces
Suitable for very corrosive conditions 

Four Way Corrosion Resistance
Barrier Protection – any overlapping zinc and aluminium flakes provide an excellent barrier
Galvanic Action – zinc corrodes to protect steel
Passivation – metal oxide in matrix slow down corrosion reactions of zinc and steel
Self-Repairing – damaged areas in the coating fill with zinc oxides and carbonates 

Bimetallic Capabilities
Due to the concentration of aluminium within the coating, good bi-metallic corrosion resistance with aluminium is accomplished 

Solvent Resistant
When Dacromet is cured on the metal surface, the coating becomes inorganic, and thus resistant to solvents, gasoline and brake fluids 

User Benefits
Superior heat resistant and anti corrosive characteristics:
No hydrogen embrittlement – preserves the tensile strength of the chain to standard specifications
Pollution free process – the application method is designed to be used in non-polluting ways. No vapor or water contamination, offering one of the most environmentally friendly product coatings 

SKF roller chainApplicationSKF couplings
These chains are suitable for extreme corrosive resistance