Off Line Filtration

Des-Case desiccant breathers are the most robust and reliable breathers on the market. To prove how robust these breathers are, don’t take our word for it, take a look at the short video below.

filter cart

The new CE certified Des-Case filter cart

As surprising as it may seem, most new oils purchased today are not filtered before being sold. Yes, the new oil is refined, looks translucent and visually appears clean but when viewed at a microscopic level it contains unwanted particles. In many cases, the filtered oil in the equipment being replaced has less unwanted particles than the new oil being added during an oil change.

Typically, new oils delivered to customers are rated 22/21/18 (ISO 1044c Cleanliness Standard) and sometimes worse. To eliminate the risk of adding new contaminated oil the end user is placed in a position of having to filter new oil before it is put into service which assures:

Removal of unwanted particles, including any particles picked up during the delivery or internal company oil transfer process.
Prevention of premature equipment wear and unplanned equipment down time.
Clean oil is being installed.

Filtering the new oil is a very critical, proactive maintenance step. Which would you prefer, assuming or knowing that the new oil is truly clean? The oil filtration process must start with clean oil in order to positively impact equipment performance. With the expenses, complexities and increasing demands on equipment it is important that you capitalize on every performance advantage possible. New oil filtering is an easy first step to apply and a very positive step towards plant & machine reliability.

Take a proactive approach to contamination control with a CE certified filter cart from Des-Case to ensure your equipment performs as it was designed to. Portable filtration units are ideal tools to remediate contaminated systems, flush new equipment during commissioning, or periodically decontaminate systems that have inadequate on-board filtration to meet target cleanliness levels.

Sprint are here to help select and supply the correct filter cart for the application. Please contact us for more information.