The transport industry has evolved from animals and walking to the creation of the wheel and the first automobile, from boats carved out of wood to large freight ships. The transport industry is vital to economic growth.

This industry is vast and spans not only the form of travel, including rail, road, air and water, but both the vehicles and the infrastructure needed to sustain the travel.

As a leading supplier to a range of customers in all areas of the transport industry, Sprint is here to help. As a specialised product supplier, maintenance supply partner or integrated solutions provider Sprint has the know how to make a difference.

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The Rail industry includes rail infrastructure, owned by Network Rail and owners or operators of passenger and freight operating companies and rolling stock companies.

The industry is complex with government funding for Network rail and different passenger operator deals including franchises. Stringent regulations for the Rail industry are in place and are monitored by the Office of Rail Regulation.

Added to this companies need to cope with consumer demand and energy emission concerns. This is where Sprint can make your job easier; from trains to tracks to the London Underground, .Sprint can offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of product available from any single source with quality support provided for manufacturing and services.

As a leading specialist supplier of Rail grade lubricant’s & greases we hold over 100,000 Litres in stock at any one time.