Waste and Recycling 

The Waste and Recycling Industry is faced with numerous challenges, increased demand through environmental pressures to increase recycling, the introduction of new recycling and disposal methods as well as Health and Safety regulations with regards to collection, processing and disposal. In addition there is an increased pressure on local authorities to meet recycling targets set by the government.

The increased demand has resulted in increased pressure placed on equipment which in turn increases the maintenance and repair costs through more frequent failures. An area which Sprint helps the customer to realise lower downtime and lower maintenance costs is through OEM replacement. OEM's design and manufacture products to the specification of the customer, however in the interest of keeping the cost of the plant down, parts for the plant will perform to specification but will rarely outperform it. Through experience, Sprint understands that practically all machines are asked to do more than they were designed to do; therefore we replace key components with superior products which will perform above and in some cases beyond the existing components increasing efficiency and plant uptime.

In addition, Sprint can support all of your maintenance and repair needs with products from leading suppliers, where these products don't exist, Sprint will work with you to design and specify bespoke solutions, ensuring that you can keep up with your changing industry.

A large concern for all Waste and Recycling companies is that of Health and Safety, not only for collection employees but also for disposal sites. A news story of a fire at a waste disposal site drew attention from the HSE and environmentalists and ultimately resulted in disastrous consequences for the business, something which can be avoided with not only reliable products but a reliable partner. Sprint supplies a range of products to reduce the risks of such occurrences, as well as ensuring that all products are developed with health and safety in mind.

From product supply to repair or replace and from service centre support to onsite integration, Sprint has the infrastructure and technical expertise to make a difference to your business.