Fighting Counterfeiting

When you decide to buy a premium brand product, you have high expectations for quality, durability and dependability.

Unfortunately, counterfeit products are entering the industrial marketplace in huge numbers and they may pose a danger to operations, finances and to human lives. Faulty and worn-out products can degrade and fail quickly. In addition, buying a faulty or counterfeit product may have legal consequences for you as a buyer.

It’s often hard to tell the difference between a genuine and a counterfeit product. They won’t necessarily even be cheaper. They look like and are marketed like genuine, premium brand products but are simply skilful imitations.

When you purchase a counterfeit product, you become part of the counterfeiting trade. Last year product to the value of £80 million pounds was confiscated and destroyed in the UK alone.

One effective way to identify counterfeit products with certainty is with the help of premium brand manufacturers and authorised distributors. If you suspect that you may have purchased counterfeits, contact the premium brand manufacturer concerned, they will be happy to assist you. Counterfeiting is an illegal and unethical practice.  Counterfeiting is a crime, plain and simple that puts lives and property at risk.  It is also theft of intellectual property, such as patents and trademarks, and reputation. These are crucial concepts in modern economy, enabling economic development based on ideas and innovations.

guranteed brand products no counterfeits

Only purchase products from official Authorised Distributors such as Sprint Engineering & Lubricants who are official SKF & FAG Authorised distributors. Trusted sources should be ones that you are confident can supply a genuine product and Sprint are certainly one of those.